We believe in chocolate together, and less but better

We’re a team. We believe chocolate is most fully appreciated and best enjoyed when it is an experience shared between people. We believe chocolate is a food that requires all of us — consumers, industry, farmers, buyers, and sellers — to work collaboratively with the shared goal of improving cocoa sustainability across the supply chain. That’s chocolate together.


At Cococo, we create high quality and innovative chocolate confections and foods, we invite others to explore a world of simple ingredients, delicious tastes, beautiful presentations, and special culinary experiences, and we work hard to deliver sustainability in our cocoa supply chain and in everything else that we do.


Cococo’s vision is to be the foremost sustainable chocolate confectionery where we believe in chocolate together; where artisan spirit, collaboration, and social activism meet; where sourcing counts; where the main point is to have fun; where people care deeply about quality chocolate and simple ingredients; where delicious taste overrules shelf-life-preserving sugar; and where we commit to the goal of less but better.

Less but better?
Less but better means consuming in sustainable quantities, paying a reasonable and fair price for an uncommon indulgence, and in the bargain having the opportunity to truly savour the diversity of tastes that nature has to offer. 

We believe cocoa and chocolate should be bought and sold at fair trade prices. If the industry continues with its historical practices, then the cocoa economy will fail, and people and the environment will suffer.

Just because a confection is brown, it doesn’t mean it is made with real chocolate. We believe poor quality chocolate and fake sugary or waxy cocoa-based products should not remain the marketing and packaging norm because that sort of mass-market / food-industrialized approach tastes poor, is essentially dishonest, and is fundamentally unhealthy for people and the planet.

So what does Cococo mean? It means Chocolate Together.


Cococo’s three core values are Cocoa, Community, Confections. Our name reflects our values, as does our brand essence, “chocolate together”.

The etymology of the word Cococo is simple. Our name is a creative combination of three specific words beginning with “co” — “co” means together — which have special meaning to our company and relate directly to our products and core values:

Cocoa: Our chocolate is high-quality couverture, is sustainable, and is fair trade, currently made using Rainforest Alliance Certified™ cocoa and cocoa butter.

Community: We support local and global communities through chocolate donations, collaborations, business partnerships, and sustainability initiatives, like our membership in the World Cocoa Foundation and our role as original signatory to the Cocoa & Forests Initiative (CFI). We believe in accountability, transparency, and integrity. We believe in chocolate together.

Confections: We are a team of talented people retailing and handcrafting more than 80 delicious award-winning confections using simple local and organic ingredients but no sugary or artificial preservatives.